A brief history...

I started at localization on 2002, at Bowne Global Solutions as a Localization Software Engineer. A few years later, Bowne was adquired by Lionbridge and soon they closed Rio office. At that time, I began working at Ccaps Translation and Localization also as a Localization Engineer and I was promoted to Engineering Coordinator a few years later. I also worked as a Pre-Production GPM Engineer to Milengo during that time.

On 2013 I changed area and started working as a Project Manager at Ccaps.

During these localization years, I participated of a few small initiatives. One of them is Projeto TransMit, which aims to better prepare localizers to face the day to day challenges. Starting when it was just an idea, I was helping Mit Siqueira on the project during the first stage, planning, creating website etc.

Project Management

I have some national and international clients, translating from any language to any other language. My projects are usually translated into two or three different languages and have some complexities as e-learning courses, video subtitling or voice-over, MSDS or simple InDesign files. 

Most used tools

Most common projects

Most common characteristics

Software Engineering

During most part of my professional life I was a Localization Software Engineer. In the beginning, I worked with Trados 3.3, MS Help Compiler, Helium, Raibow and shared dongles with coworkers when necessary. Back in that days, we usually took literally days to compile a single Help. We created thousands of small tools to help our day to day work and things got easier. But localization tools have evolved too.

Jump back to the present, I worked in projects of 1,000,000 words and more than 20 languages, preparing, converting and testing files. Not forgetting to give support to localizers, PMs (Project Managers) and GPMs (Global Project Managers) with technical information.

Most used tools