A brief history...

The very first time I saw a computer I was still a young child. It was just a quick look on the recently bought IBM XT computers with that beautiful green screen on school. I had no idea what is was about, but I just wanted to learn how to use it. At that time, they told me computers were just to high school students, not elementary ones. But they let me get into the typing course on a mechanical typewriter.

I studied Data Processing on High school (96 to 98), as promised to myself. And since that days, I could not stop developing, creating some macros or, at least, some personal shortcuts to make everything a little bit easier to use. I studied Information Systems on College but, just before that, I got an opportunity as a trainee in a localization company. That's when my localization story begun, but it does not mean I stopped developing. Besides I had not a formal job as a developer, I graduated and I am always developing something at the places I worked for me, my coworkers or as a freelancer.


As I worked on non developing companies, people usually does not want to install anything, so I worked most of the time with Microsoft Office and Web Apps.


I noticed translators use to have to look up the definitions of a single term on more than one dictionary, so I created a small page inside my old website that was just that: an input field where the translator could search for a term and it would generate links of that same term for some popular dictionaries. At that time I met Carol Machado. She saw my project and asked me if she could draw a new interface for it.

So Carol drew the new interface and came with the domain name, so I changed my first project to match her design and we launched it on our free time.

Projeto Mova-se

A project create by me and my sister in which you can have physical activities to a healthier life where you choose. In the website, you can fill your pre-avaliation, schedule the physioterapist visit, select the best days/times and see your exercise list.