PDSHELL - Pomodoro tool in bash

Jun 14, 2022

I've always tried to find better techniques that allow me to work better, that I can get more done in less time and the Pomodoro technique always appeared interesting to me. The idea of having some chunks of time of focused work and a few minutes to rest were really nice. I've used a few different pomodoro tools and found it to be a great way to keep myself focused and not get distracted by the internet or other tasks that may come up during working hours.

But after a few days of using it, I start to dismiss the alert and keep working during the break time, or yet dismiss the alert to keep rea...

Backup compression

Mar 26, 2021

One of those days I was going to double check some information about the backup tool I use (zBackup) when I notice it was not being updated anymore. It still works fine, but I prefer to use an updated tool to avoid any unpatched bugs. Searching for the new options, I ended up with two new candidates: Borg and Restic.

They both are deduplication tools, allow encryption, compression and have a check tool to make sure the backup is working. For what I noticed, Restic is better at connecting to different services and Borg is better with local backups, so I chose the last one.

So far, so good. But ...

How to remain online when the big services crash

Jan 28, 2021

Every now and then a big service as Google, Facebook or Twitter stops working. That is usually a non-productive day. People usually spend the day not being able to work, complaining, checking if the service is already back and trying to find a way to get around it. But it is always a stressful lost day.

The problem here is the centralization. These services usually work fine, are free and nice/easy to use, so we get used to them up to the point we need them for everything. The client files, your communication with your family, friends, boss, clients, everything depends on them. The problem sta...

Configuring Jest to test your VueJS on Laravel 5.8

Aug 27, 2019

Jest is one of the most used tools to test JavaScript, but it requires some configuration to work with VueJS on Laravel. So here it goes a very simple and direct way to do that...

Linux Shell Shortcuts

Jun 27, 2019

I am pretty sure most people who uses Linux knows these, but they are quite handy and it is not the kind of thing I usually see online, so here it goes a small list of shortcuts to be used on your favorite terminal/shell.

Let's say you were copying a file from a virtual domain to another one, so you type:

$ cp /var/www/old-website.com/public_html/mail/index.php

So you remember that, actually, you want to move the file, not just copy that. On that case, you want to repeat all the parameters but the main command. So you can achieve that with......

Update on Dicionarios.cc

Dec 11, 2018

Sorry, this post is only available in Portuguese.

Mounting partitions with systemd

Jul 25, 2018

How I solved a partition that was locked on Windows updates and how to use the systemd to mount your partition.